Davidson Jones has served as a catalyst for change throughout his career. He is distinguished from many other organizational change consultants by his practical results-oriented approach, his ability to establish a rapport with individuals on every rung of the organization chart and his willingness to counsel clients whenever needed without regard for the clock or calendar.

Youth at Jazz Inc, a 501(c)(3)  non profit organization, in Asheville, NC, was founded by Davidson, in 2006.  In June of 2011, Davidson founded, Just Questions-No Answers, a social network intent of learning more about the the power of Questions/Inquiry.  Locally, Davidson loans his change management expertise to small businesses and non profit concerns.

“Organizations are incapable of treating customers better than they treat employees.”

Davidson’s work has taken him from the shop floor to the board room, from the guard shack to the CEO’s office. He has consulted with manufacturing, sales, marketing, supply chain, labor, maintenance, engineering, IT, HR labor relations, R&D, customer service, government, non-profits and educational organizations.

“Every organization is forever one current event away from experiencing abrupt change.”

Davidson has been involved in a wide range of projects throughout his career.  Included are:

  • Designed and installed the first manufacturing cells within a major cosmetics company.  A 17% productivity improvement was achieved.  Similar projects were initiated throughout the company in sales, manufacturing and customer services.
  • Redesigned sales representative’s work processes resulting in reduction of non sales related activity from 25% to less than 5%.
  • Facilitated a total design (physical facility, job designs and work processes) of a Family Medicine Practice involving internal and external stake holders.  Eleven years later the facility continues to experience success.  Turnover has been minimal and there is a waiting list for new patients.
  • Provided coaching, in two cases, for executives on career journeys that went from first line supervision to CEO as well as a host of others at every level.  One made Fortune’s Top 50 Women Executives in the USA.
  • Conducted training sessions, and provided assistance for hundreds of internal change agents throughout North America and Latin America.
  • Responded to many calls for outside facilitation of conflict resolution.
  • Provided facilitation and methodology for the development of a Co-operative Labor/Management Partnership within a company that had experienced labor wars during its recent history.  The learning has been leverage through out their industry.
  • Redesigned work systems within paper, petrochemical, packaging, steel, direct sales, local government, professional associations, pharmaceutical and auto industries, that have resulted in rational work rules and practices, improved cost and productivity.
  • Instrumental in institutionalizing engagement strategies for large groups, within several organizations, achieving alignment, problem solving and action planning in relative short periods of time.  They are known as Time Outs for many and Town Hall Meetings for others.
  • Facilitated project within a North Eastern city as labor and city managers sought to privatize the Sanitation Department.  Privatization was achieved without interruption of service.
  • Redesigned Call Center work processes that resulted in multi-skilled phone staff that made smooth transition into outside sales positions-a newly established career ladder.

Davidson committed to honing his craft as an organization development practitioner in 1979.  He sought out the best places, the best mentors, the best literature and the right situations.  While he cannot claim to have gotten through unscathed, he can say that the learning has been enriched.   He graduated from Morgan State University, where he studied Mathematics and Philosophy.  His most cherished education is derived from the ,   ‘ in the heat of the moment ‘ random events, he has experienced throughout his life.