Change Management

Davidson Jones will speak to groups about change management.  Davidson explores change from several vantage points; research, theory and relevant current events. The speeches are informative and entertaining. Davidson often says, “I have watched a lot of movies”’ as a way of signaling his awareness that there is universal learning in organization change.

The speeches are heard at retreats, seminars and launching of change initiatives.

You will never hear the same speech twice from Davidson. His commitment to building relationships drives him to learn his audience far in advance. Davidson’s penchant for applied anthropology goes to work. Local norms, local and relevant histories, artifacts, stories and current events will find their way into the speech as he talks about Change Management. You will also hear about the personalities from Davidson’s past. The voices of those personalities have been captured in a collection on one liners; capsules of wisdom collected by Davidson throughout his life. You will get from Davidson a peek into his journal as he speaks*. He keeps a journal of personal insights or those “Ah Ha’s” that surface while reflecting on how change happens. If you invite him to speak, he will show up.


  • ” if you pay for it, you look for it”
  • “Everything shinny ain’t gold
  • “Cheap is expensive”
  • “My job wakes me up in the morning”
  • ‘The answer is always in the room”
  • “All we had was each other”