The One Poem Poet

The One Poem Poet

He uses self as an agent of change, in speech and action. He’s been around, and has notions, about how life works. He’s willing to give what he has. He makes the claim to speak on many issues, using ‘The One Poem’, as a launch pad. Davidson has countless stories from his life’s experiences, highlighting a ‘Good Question’, as the ‘Knight In Shinning Armor’. He delights, in co-discovering, such question, for you and/your organization. Davidson’s love for Great Questions is rooted in his childhood memory, often hearing two Thou Shall Not(s)-’Stop dipping in grown folk’s talk’ and ‘Don’t ask that question.’

[The One Poem]

This poem is to be performed, and its writer, has no intention, to perform it, ever, the same way twice, as it is a jazz poem. It gets re-written, inside each performance. Improvisation.

The Question?

Is Life, The Juice,

That Leaves One’s Tongue, Moist,

Relieving The Thirst Of It’s Hoist,

As Life, Lifts Our Lives

Within Which, Its Leader Drives

Home, The Question?

–Davidson Jones, a son, of The King David?-

[Why Does It Mean?]

Warren, my 17 year old grandson, is the first person,  with whom, I shared this poem. I emailed it to him.  He replied, “Pop Pop, I read this thing over and over.  I do not have a clue, what you be talking about.  What do you mean?”  I decided to make this one of those special moments for me and my grandson.  My response follows:

Dear Warren:

(1) Questions, and the pursuit of its answers, are the driving forces in all our lives. Your question, ‘what do you mean?’, indicates, you are motivated to know and understand me, better. For that, I love you. Also I like that you shoot straight with me. For me, that speaks to authenticity in your character. (2) Juice symbolizes blood; life’s food and source of its vitality (3) moist tongue and thirst is the ‘exhaustion -relaxation cycle’, we experience from the rigors in life. (4) Hoist is what you uncle DJ has in the garage, to lift heavy objects. In the poem, ‘hoist’ represents the ‘lifting’ sensation, one gets from a divine source [depending upon one’ beliefs]. (5) The Driver. The driver is, ‘us all’, driving a car full of [Questions]’ that are key in our lives, [What college shall I attend?, Can I become an Engineer?. What granddaddy (Pop Pop) be talking about?, Does she love me? and many more]. We are drivers/leaders, because we lead our own lives (6) Drives Home The Question connotes the importance of getting the Right Question, and getting it right [understood], rather than waste time with the wrong question [e.g., What does it take to be an Army General?] or in the case of getting the right question, and not understand its meaning, [e.g., Oh, becoming a Running Back, means I must learn some things from a dancer-I never thought about that].  Drive Home, says it’s great when you get onto the right question. Hit home means, getting it right; understanding its underlining meaning is key.

Davidson Jones, a son of The King David is about the adopted meaning of Davidson LeRoy Jones, my full name. My dad, your grandfather, was David Jones-thus Davidson.. Leroi means, King, in French-thus, The King. I make claim to be a son of The King David. It is how I want to honor my dad and you grand dad.  And it is my shot at expressing my spirituality and how I want to relate to you.

Maximum Respect,

Pop Pop