Tuesday Talk

To have an important conversation while enjoying a meal surely must have started with primitive men and women. Yes, Tuesday Talk© is an old idea.  Tuesday Talk© began in a restaurant, in Asheville, North Carolina. The Ritz, Davidson Jones’ favorite, serves Caribbean and Southern cuisine. The menu is flexible. The topic is always different. The total time is four hours.. The day is always Tuesday. Tuesday Talk© can take place at your favorite restaurant, if they will allow you. The format is always the same:

v Convening
v Connection
v Conversation/Dinner
v Choice

Convening: The topic emerges from an awareness of its importance. People are invited because of their interest and expertise.
Connection: The facilitator presents a task that enables all participants to connect at a human level in thirty minutes. Someone gives a forty minute presentation on the topic.
Conversation /Dinner: The participants are broken up into max-mix table groups. The table groups are given a task that requires debriefing the presentation. They eat dinner. Each table group is asked to prepare a report for the larger group. At that time the large group may ask questions, offer new insights or enhance the thinking of the primary speaker and group.
Choice: Each participant chooses how she wants to connect with any other participant as a follow up to this Tuesday Talk© session.

Why Tuesday?

“The week gets its wings on Tuesday.”